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ONE Short Day!
angeleyesjg24 wrote in visiting_nyc
Okay, yeah, I'm going to be that, girl.

If you could only visit ONE PLACE in New York, where would you go? My roommate and I are planning our first trip to the Big Apple, and I'm looking for the absolute Must-See's of the city. I could use lots of ideas.

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I have to thank you so much for that link! Because of it, I discovered that the King Tut collection was in NY, which is something I've always dreamed of seeing. I'll be doing this with Top of the Rock. Thank you so much!!!

seconding this! Its Empire State Building but cheaper and without the looooonnnggg wait. Plus you can get the Empire State in your pics. :)

Here is one huge FUCKIN' tip.

You will be using the subway unless you're filthy rich and can afford cabs. Which cabs are crazy nice, but when I visited with my friend we always rode the subway and it was a cool experience.

Buy ONE metro 7-day fun pass. Its $25. One of you can walk through and swipe it, then hand it back to the other person to use.

This is will save a shitload of $$$. I wish I'd realized it before my last day there. ;D

Also, go to off-broadway and see Next Fall. Amazing play. I wish so hard I could see it again, but I'm a poor college student now and live 2k miles away. :((

its at night. it'd be a great way to wrap up an amazing day. :)

Sweet tip. There's no problem with us only buying one metro card? We don't each need one?

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