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ONE Short Day!
angeleyesjg24 wrote in visiting_nyc
Okay, yeah, I'm going to be that, girl.

If you could only visit ONE PLACE in New York, where would you go? My roommate and I are planning our first trip to the Big Apple, and I'm looking for the absolute Must-See's of the city. I could use lots of ideas.

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Here is one huge FUCKIN' tip.

You will be using the subway unless you're filthy rich and can afford cabs. Which cabs are crazy nice, but when I visited with my friend we always rode the subway and it was a cool experience.

Buy ONE metro 7-day fun pass. Its $25. One of you can walk through and swipe it, then hand it back to the other person to use.

This is will save a shitload of $$$. I wish I'd realized it before my last day there. ;D

Also, go to off-broadway and see Next Fall. Amazing play. I wish so hard I could see it again, but I'm a poor college student now and live 2k miles away. :((

its at night. it'd be a great way to wrap up an amazing day. :)

Sweet tip. There's no problem with us only buying one metro card? We don't each need one?

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