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tresjolie9 wrote in visiting_nyc
First Post, just started this because newyorkers was featured in the LJ spotlight, and a lot of tourists joined that comm. Nothing against tourists, but newyorkers, was a comm more for people currently living in NY, than people who will be visiting briefly. So if you are a tourist, or will be visiting for a few months, feel free to join and post here.

Also might be nice if some actual NY'ers, or folks in the know were to help people answer questions.

In addition, if someone wants to help me mod, it would be appreciated.

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Thanks for doing this. I'm a NYC visitor, and I don't have any questions, but I do like to see what people post, just to get a feeling for the city. Sooo, I won't add much, but hopefully might gain something. Good luck getting your co-mod, again, I think this is cool of you to do.

I found this page because the newyorkers community was in the spotlight. Being an NYC visitor myself, I greatly appreciate this haha! I've been there many times but still feel like there are so many places I could explore, so many things I could do. I would ask to be a co-mod but I think that would be better suited for someone who actually knows their way around their city. Good luck finding one!

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