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Okay, yeah, I'm going to be that, girl.

If you could only visit ONE PLACE in New York, where would you go? My roommate and I are planning our first trip to the Big Apple, and I'm looking for the absolute Must-See's of the city. I could use lots of ideas.

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I have a list of links that I put together for friends visiting NYC -

A Quick Guide to NYC from Columbia University.
A list of hotels for $150 or less a night
Another link for some cheap hotels
Blue Moon - Not a cheap hotel but the rooms are gigantic and it's a very entertaining place to stay if you love NYC history.
Hostels- a list of hostels.
Information about the subway. a website that can help you with subway directions.
Menu Pages- a website that lists a bunch of menus & reviews of NYC restaurants. You can sort by price.

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First Post, just started this because newyorkers was featured in the LJ spotlight, and a lot of tourists joined that comm. Nothing against tourists, but newyorkers, was a comm more for people currently living in NY, than people who will be visiting briefly. So if you are a tourist, or will be visiting for a few months, feel free to join and post here.

Also might be nice if some actual NY'ers, or folks in the know were to help people answer questions.

In addition, if someone wants to help me mod, it would be appreciated.


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